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Our background and aims

Gylden Community is a magickal and spiritual group. We support, promote and organise pagan events within the Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and Berkshire areas. It's a place for all those who feel drawn to nature-based beliefs and for meeting like-minded folk. You’ll find us at spiritual events throughout Southern England, celebrating sabbats, publishing regular magickal help and having lots of laughter at gigs, picnics and socials too.

Gylden Community is not a traditional pagan group. We link to our friends in Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Bracknell, Farnham and anywhere else that hosts magickal or spiritual groups. We visit to share fellowship – and they can visit us too.

As a pagan library, we share knowledge and experience with others, not only via monthly publications or online files, but also at themed discussions or fayres where we can put aside time to show others what each of us can do or have learned along our specific pathways.


Gylden Community works with Surrey Faith Links, Woking Action for Peace and other Interfaith bodies to promote spiritual tolerance. We raise funds for charity whenever possible via our presence at public fayres. In 2018-19, we raised donations for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice and for Step By Step charities. See also www.http://surreyfaithlinks.org.uk/


Gylden Magick magazine

Our regular monthly magazine is also on: www.facebook.com/groups/gyldenpaganfellowship/

Articles in the April 2020 issue have a springtime theme. 

We continue our new series about animal spirit guides with the dragonfly, an ancient dragon tale, artwork from Fay Brotherhood Art & Music, Beltaine magick, poetry from Beth Amos and Tara Bernadette Egan, a preview of Earth Day 2020, the Wessex Culture, self-help articles on meditation and on herbal infusions, herbal healing with borage and our crystal of the month is amethyst. Also, we have a spiritual report on the Festival of Norouz.


Visit our Gylden Magick magazine archives for past issues.


Working with others

Pagan/ spiritual groups in the Gylden Community area - all are listed on  meet-up or Facebook.

Arun Traditional Witchcraft (Arundel)

Association of Sussex Pagans

Basingstoke Pagan Circle

Basingstoke Pagan Circle: Social Moots

The Circle of Ankerwycke (Staines)

CoA Mid-Sussex Pagans (Sompting)

CoA Southampton Witches

Colours of the Oak Moot (Bracknell)

Crawley and Horsham Pagan Moot

Godalming and Villages Moot

Guildford Mantra Meditation

Guardians of the Grove (Chichester)

Hampshire Pagans for Environmental Change (Southampton)

Hayling Island Spiritual Centre

Holistic Chi (Portsmouth)

Horndean Positive Living Group

Horsham and West Sussex Pagans

Moon Rituals Portsmouth

North Surrey Pagan Circle (Weybridge)

Pagan Pride South (Southampton)

Reading Moot

Rollright Circle of Friends (Chipping Norton)

Rowan & Thorn Druid Grove (Alton)

Seasons of Albion Moot (Farnham)

South Oxfordshire Moot

The Witches' Inn (Redhill)

Worthing Pagan Moot

Zen Holistics Group

Sabbat info

Alban Eilir/ Ostara/ Eostre 2020


Alban Eilir (meaning the light of the earth) is known by several other names, such as Ostara, the Festival of the Trees, the Rite of Eostre or Earrach, depending upon which path or culture you follow. Earrach is the Irish-Gaelic word for Spring, but most people refer to this festival as the spring or vernal equinox and, this year, it falls on Friday, 20 March.

In Saxon times, the Earth goddess, Eostre, was honoured at this time for new life and growth. Alban Eilir celebrates balance and fertility, both new life and rebirth, symbolised by the egg and by the hares that look for mates at this time of year. Yet we are aware that the first buds and blossoming flowers have appeared on the trees and spring bulbs are blooming. Both plants and animals can sense the return of life to the soil as the power of the sun increases each day and the nights get shorter.

Alban Eilir is a festival of hope and joy, celebrating the gradual dawning of longer, warmer days, new light and the promise of summer. It is halfway between Imbolg and Beltane and all things are in balance: Goddess and God, Life and Death, light and dark. March is the worm moon: this is the time to build the foundations of new projects and start on new directions that you have planned throughout the winter months.

O Brighid, our Lady, Goddess of fire,

Mother of hearth, home and desire,

You are the passion in Cernunnos’ heart,

So that inside you, his seed of life does start.

O Brighid, you are the Queen of Spring -

Bring life and light to all living things.

In Celtic tradition, hares are sacred to the Moon Goddess, eg Hecate, Freyja and Eostre. The date of Easter is determined by the phase of the moon. Both the moon and the hare were believed to die daily in order to be reborn and a hare is a symbol of immortality. It is also a major symbol for fertility and abundance as hares can conceive while pregnant. Over the centuries, the symbolism of the hare has evolved into the Easter Bunny who brings eggs to children on Easter morning. 

Eggs symbolise the rebirth of nature, the fertility of the Earth and all creation. The practice of decorating eggs in bright colours is ancient, with early examples dating back to 60,000 BCE (South Africa) …long before Easter. Eggs are usually blownand the shells kept for the designs. Decorated eggs at this time come from Ancient Egypt, Persia and Eastern Europe too. Sometimes, the egg is a symbol for the whole universe, with a duality of male and female or light and dark in the egg yolk and egg white. The egg can represent the gold Sun God enfolded by the white Goddess.



Symbol of the egg for Alban Eilir

Gylden Community Library (Historical)

All these articles are free  - we hope you find them helpful on your path. All have been written and revised by members of Gylden  Community.

Cromlechs and burial mounds (pdf)


Mother Shipton (pdf)


Witch archetypes in English folklore (pdf)


Catholics vs witches (pdf)


Three English witches et al (pdf)


Witch-hunts (pdf)


Celtic art overview (pdf)


The Wild Hunt (pdf)


The Cottingley fae (pdf)


A Witch's Herbal

Here is some guidance from our Gylden River LRC Healing units. Most of this advice is easy to follow, but please contact us if something is not clear. Oh yes, you can find our Natural Healing stand at the Enchanted Market, Wandering Witches' Fayres and Godalming Spirit Fayres each year. If you would like to have one of our remedies, eg comfrey massage oil, calendula salve, anti-cough juice, etc, please let us know in advance of visiting our stand and we can reserve it for you.

Gylden Community poetry

All these poems were written by members of Gylden Community - please acknowledge, if you wish to re-use.


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